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What are the top Bars in Diani Beach ?

Tiki Bar is one of the Best


The Tiki Bar is located on Diani beach road at the junction that leads to Ukunda airstrip and tradewinds beach access. It’s also directly opposite Diani post office, directly at the main road easily identifiable by a white Beatle car parked right outside its restaurant doors


Tiki´s theme as the name suggests is set all around the ancient Maori mythology that originated from the first New Zealand inhabitants carving the first man-made gods into wooded statutes. This theme becomes apparent from the moment you walk into the Bar, with its colorful masks and statute-like structures spread out around the restaurant. Just as the ancient build so is Tiki Bar made out of primarily wooden and bamboo.

The restaurant has a cozy yet open atmosphere where both large groups and smaller groups can feel right at home by having the dining area split into two sections. The first section is more towards the entrances that have tables set up that can be moved around to assort you and your company accordingly, and there is the upper section that is elevated a little that has fixed structures that usually hold up to 4 people or simply 2 of you. Tiki Bar also has a petit back section that is connected with the bar for those that simply want to have a drink and enjoy the theme and vibes.

The owner Billy Berings who has years of experience in the hospitality industry really knows how to provide a fun and exciting atmosphere on pretty much a weekly schedule. Different themes such as Salsa Nights, Cuban Nights, Movie Nights, Big Screen sports events, live bands and DJs, or even something unique like the Old farts night where the elder community gets to let loose on their own accord. Overall, Billy ensures that entertainment is on the menu.


The Tiki Bar became very famous straight from the start within the local Diani community as well as Domestic Community for its explicit menu card that is fine dining with foods from all around the world prepared by international chefs. The menu itself is diverse on very many levels varying from things like beef, chicken, pork vegetarian however when you do skim across the menu card it’s obvious that Seafood is the main agenda the main focus to some extent at Tiki Bar.

Starters you will find items as such as Garlic Chilly prawns, fish Fingers, Smoked Fish Tacos, or Prawns Croquettes to get your taste buds tingling and set your stomach to what is to come.

The main course is where the menu starts to unfold itself with Pastas & Tagliatelle served with either lobster, Salmon, or Prawns. Tiki bar to our knowledge is also the only place in Diani that serves proper Thai dishes that usually come in a combination of rice and a verity of siders like Tom Yum prawns soup, Kha Gai (chicken soup), and the original and most famous that we all know the Thai green curry which comes in all culinary styles (seafood, Chicken, Beef, Vegetable, and even Tuna)

On Tiki´s, Specialties’ menu card are about 20 dishes that satisfy every need and want but as mentioned above seafood remains to be the Alpha and Omega with items like the fisherman’s soups which is a mix of all seafood. The classics like Grilled Calamari, Octopus, King Prawns and fish are all prepared with either a salad or chips. Last but not least one item that always stands out and a food item that we always see at Tiki is the legendary seafood Skewer which is a collection of Grilled Prawns, fish fillets,s and calamari hanging off a skewer sizzling hot that are served with either chips or Salad defiantly recommendable and super exciting to eat. For those that do not eat seafood, Tiki provides many other solutions like Spicy pork ribs, Pepper steak, Rotisserie chicken and many other equally delicious dishes.

Billy also goes through a great the deal of effort by providing periodically international dishes where the ingredients are sourced from abroad or even special cut meats that can not be found anywhere in Diani to give Tiki bar that cutting edge when it comes to authentic, unique foods from all around the world.


Not only did Tiki bar make its name by its food but also by its massive selection of cocktails that really give a kick and send you smiling.

Most Cocktails are served in a large ceramic Tiki mask jug that we would say feels at least like 1 liter. Our personal favorite is the Mai Tai cocktail which is (Dark rum, Light Rum, Triple Sec, Sugar syrup, and lime juice) We often the Pina Colada and Tiki house cocktails go around.  It’s safe to say tiki bar has at least 30 different options to choose from in the department of cocktails.

Wines and beers and juices and other beverages are also available according to your liking.

Service Team

Tiki´s Service team consists of a 100% young energetic women’s squad that is always enthusiastic and ready to help with special orders or requests.


Tiki bar from our experience has always been rather clean and well maintained. It’s not the most exclusive and tidiest place in Diani but it doesn’t necessarily need to be since it accompanies the theme quite well.  The toilets are a bit small but well managed with regular cleaning.


Tiki Bar has become one of the Best Bars in Kwale. A place to go for many, whether it’s for a romantic dinner or its weekly events or even for larger groups that need to warm up before going out into Diani´s nightlife. With great food and amazing cocktails that knock your lights. The Tiki Bar Motto: Where the party starts Early……

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Facebook:Tiki Bar Facebook
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Phone Number:0746589500
Opening Hours:7:00 till 23:45
Opening Days:Tuesday Closed
Manager in Charge:Billy
Manager Phone:0718881432
What are the top Bars in Diani Beach ? Tiki Bar is one of the Best Location The Tiki Bar is located on Diani beach road at the junction that leads to Ukunda airstrip and tradewinds beach access. It’s also directly opposite Diani post office, directly at...TIKI BAR Diani - Where the party starts Early