Diani Bikes – 2022 – E-Bikes for rent have arrived – MUST BOOK

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Kenyan-owned Diani Bikes – a fantastic partner for rental Bikes and guided Tours

E-Bikes available – Guided Tours – 20 Years in Business – High-Security Measures


Diani Bikes is located at the Bazaar Shopping center. Undoubtedly it is super easy to find once you reach the shopping complex follow the trail of the bright orange bikes that will lead you towards their main office – located in the left corridor of the bazaar complex. Also to be noted is that all their staff wear bright yellow T-shirts.


Diani Bikes was opened for the first time back in 2007 and ever since then has been the most trusted place to go to acquire bike hire & bike tours. Masha Kirao is the man in charge of the whole operation alongside his super friendly team that are there for you to advise and guide you as to how their services are conducted.

Diani Bikes Products

Bike Hire

For those that are not interested in tours and simply need an environmentally friendly mode of transport “NO need to Worry” Diani Bikes has got your back covered at all times. Diani Bikes do provide daily or long-term bike hire services.

Diani Bikes
Mountain Bikes

The Bikes

The star of the show, if you have read this far down the article you are probably wondering about what kind of bikes are being rented out. Overall from what we have seen all the bikes are in excellent condition and well maintained.

Electric Bikes – As the name speaks for itself, these are bikes that massively ease the constant pedaling with a small motor powered by a battery that lasts up to 35km and only takes 1 hour to recharge. This has become popular over the years in Diani for family trips whereby a few family members do lack the extra energy.

Mountain Bikes – Straight forward it is what it is. The traditional off-road bike suits any environment.

Bikes4Kids – Your little ones haven’t been forgotten. There are options as well as baby seats that can be mounted on the back of the bikes so that you and your little one can enjoy the trip together.

Diani Bikes’ main foundation rest upon the tours that they offer that range from short tours to half-day tours which seem to be the fan favorite for all those years.

All tours start at the office itself and will end at the office. Transport will be provided from your stay to the office and back to your residence after the tour is completed.

They offer a large favorite of tours but in this article, we will mention only our top 3 tours.

Village Culture Tour

This Diani Bikes tour is by far the most booked tour that they provide.

The tour begins with a light and simple warm-up tour through DianiĀ“s forest paths that stretch about 14km towards the local market to embark on a small shopping experience, after there it’s another short ride to a local village that has a primary school next to it. You will experience the Giriama and Digo culture up close and personal meanwhile having the chance to mingle and have a laugh with the kids from the school. Remember to bring sweets for the little ones. From there the journey will come to its end and you will enjoy the slow cruise back to the office.

Tour Time- 4 hours

Family Tour
Awarded Tour
Mountain Bike Tour

Kaya Kindondo Forest Walk

This tour is a mixture of bike riding and nature trail walk. Your mission will start at the office. A good 1-hour bike ride towards the southern part of Diani called Kinondo forest. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by the locals, dismount from the bike, and head out on a nature walk in the ancient forest of Kaya which has been a ritual and prayer site for its inhabitants for many years. Kaya Forrest has a great history that dates back centuries which we will leave up to you to discover and explore. You will be escorted by security throughout your nature walk.

Tour time-3 hours

Sunset & Dhow Tour

This Diani Bikes tour is definitely more of a chilled experience. You will embark on a journey back in time toward one of the oldest mosques across the Kenyan coastline dating back almost 800 years. The location is called the Kongo River ( River that meets with the Indian Ocean) The ride from the office is about a 30-minute ride. Upon arrival, a tour guide will explain the details and the history of the location. from there you will board a small Dhow that will sail off into the sunset down the river passing through Magroove & baobab streams. Kongo River is by far the most beautiful place to enjoy a sundowner in Diani Beach. This whole tour will commence in the late afternoon.

Tour time-3 hours

Price Value

Overall the Diani Bikes prices are affordable considering bike maintenance, staff, park entries, and their incredible staff its safe to say that this is one of the cheapest activities one can do in Diani.

Extra Service

Diani Bikes does have a few extras that make it unique, For starters is that if you do experience an issue with your bike whether it is on tour or as a bike hire Diani Bike will be there for you pretty much 24/7.  If on tour the bike breaks down they are equipped with spare parts for first aid procedures or in the worst case a bike replacement.

What is also quite nice, especially for family tours is that in the case of having an elderly person or disabled that would like to embark on the tour as well Diani Bike will provide a car minibus that follows or meets the rest of the family at the tour location.

Diani Bikes Awarded and Certified by Magical Kenya


Masha Kirao has built an exceptional organization that has honored Diani over the last 15 years and will hopefully continue to do so. With Diani Bikes, you will be able to discover Diani from a perspective that you won’t by simply jumping in a tuk-tuk. We highly recommend this for families.

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Contact Details

Facebook:Facebook Page
Phone & Whatsapp Number:+254713959668
Opening Days:open every day
Opening Hours:8:00 till 18:00

Kenyan-owned Diani Bikes - a fantastic partner for rental Bikes and guided Tours E-Bikes available - Guided Tours - 20 Years in Business - High-Security Measures Location Diani Bikes is located at the Bazaar Shopping center. Undoubtedly it is super easy to find once you reach the...Diani Bikes - 2022 - E-Bikes for rent have arrived - MUST BOOK