Is the Funky Monkey worth the Hype? We Think So – Here’s Why

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Funky Monkey is situated on Diani Beach Road, nearly parallel to Chandarana. More specifically, it is next to Wine & More, which is adjacent to Diani Sea Resort. The location is easily recognizable by its high roofs decorated with Kikoyes.


Funky Monkey is a lively new gem in the heart of Diani Beach’s restaurant scene. The moment you step in, a friendly hostess greets you and promptly guides you to a table that suits your group size and preference. The restaurant boasts a simple yet stylish design with a variety of seating options. The decor is minimalistic, featuring a few wall paintings and subtle decorations, giving it a unique charm.

Funky Monkey also has a cozy bar, seating about 15 people, where guests can enjoy delicious cocktails and soak in the inviting atmosphere. The bar itself kind of gives Miami Vice vibes from the moment you see it, with its light purple colors, pink LEDs, and iconic look and feel. Defiantly retro.

The toilets are always spotless, reflecting the restaurant’s commitment to cleanliness. Overall, Funky Monkey is a well-maintained and super-clean spot,

Funky Monkey also has a pool of themed nights, from Hot Salsa Night to Funk Nights, Taco Tuesday, and many other weekly and daily changes that keep the place fresh and exciting throughout the week.

If there’s one downside to Funky Monkey, it’s that its location on the main road can make it a bit noisy, especially during rush hours. The constant buzz of Tuk Tuks can be a bit bothersome. However, the strategically placed sound system helps to dampen the noise to a certain extent, ensuring a more pleasant dining experience.

Double Burger


Ladies and gentlemen, the food at Funky Monkey is the main reason you should visit. Their menu is incredibly unique, offering dishes you won’t find anywhere else in Kwale County. Each traditional meal is infused with its own special twist, turning every visit into a culinary adventure.

Nothing is as it seems at first glance. Craving a burger? Try the GETTIN’ PIGGY WITH IT: slow-cooked pulled pork with a signature BBQ sauce topped with cilantro. For a starter, the Chilly Cheesy Prawns are a must-have—queen prawns in a cheesy chili crème fraîche, served with bread. Another favorite is the Sweet & Spice Pork Sticks, featuring pork loin marinated with Kenyan-made gochujang sweet and spicy miso, grilled, and drizzled with wasabi mayo.

For the vegetarians out there, be aware that Funky Monkey’s menu is predominantly meat-focused. There are about five vegan dishes available, but the rest of the offerings are all about the meat, which suits us perfectly.

Funky Monkey consistently delivers generous portions with a delightful twist. While their prices are on the higher side, the unique flavors and quality make it well worth it.


Funky Monkey offers an exciting range of drinks to quench your thirst and tantalize your taste buds. Our personal favorites are the following:

The Funky Monkey-Sharer This tropical delight is perfect for sharing or savoring solo. It combines Midori, vodka, Malibu, crème de banane, passion fruit, pineapple, guava, and lime juice. It’s a totally tropical cocktail that bursts with flavor in every sip.

The Rasberry Blush- For a refreshing and fruity experience, try the Raspberry Blush. Made with K.O. Classic Gin, Triple Sec, raspberry syrup, lemon juice, Sprite, and lime juice, it offers a delightful balance of sweet and tangy notes, perfect for a pick-me-up.

The Basil Margarita- A twist on the classic, the Basil Margarita combines Olmeca Blanco Tequila, Triple Sec, basil syrup, and lime juice. The basil adds a fresh, herbal touch that pairs perfectly with the tequila and lime.

Funky Monkey also sells the usual soft drinks and wines, but we recommend trying their cocktails.

Service Team 

The service team at Funky Monkey is always super friendly and fun. They’re quick and precise, always making time for a little conversation and laughter. This team perfectly blends youth and professionalism, staying true to their name with a touch of funk.

Price Value

Funky Monkey is definitely on the pricier side, with most meals costing over 1200 Kenyan Shillings and cocktails ranging from 850 to 1000 Kenyan Shillings. However, the prices reflect the high quality and unique style of the food. If you’re planning to visit with a friend or as a couple, budget at least 3000 to 4000 Shillings per person to fully enjoy the experience.


Funky Monkey is a vibrant hotspot on Diani Beach, offering a unique blend of delicious food, inventive cocktails, and a lively atmosphere. The moment you step in, the friendly and fun service team makes you feel right at home. Their menu is full of surprises, with creative twists on classic dishes and drinks that stand out. While it may be on the pricier side, the quality and memorable experience justify the cost. Whether you’re enjoying a meal or sipping on one of their signature cocktails, Funky Monkey delivers a perfect mix of flavor, fun, and a touch of funk. Ideal for a special outing with friends or a memorable date night, it’s a place that promises to leave you wanting more.

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100% Top Hospitality Quality Best Drinks in Town - Super Food - Top Notch Cleaness - Chilled Vibes Location  Funky Monkey is situated on Diani Beach Road, nearly parallel to Chandarana. More specifically, it is next to Wine & More, which is adjacent to Diani...Is the Funky Monkey worth the Hype? We Think So – Here's Why