The Halloween Tiwi Beach Festival – Epic Cultural Hot Pot – MUST JOIN

The Transcendance Retreat is back for the 2nd Edition – Amazing Line-Up

Presented by TURN APP – 29th till 31st of Oktober 2022 – Transport can be booked

Halloween Party 

The Transcendance Retreat is back for the 2nd Edition of their epic Tiwi beach weekend festival. This Ladies & Gents will be one of the biggest electronic festivals thus far this year.

The Event will start 29th of October and will end on the 31st of October.

So, get ready Kwale County, this is going to be memorable for sure !!

This edition Kwale County welcomes to the stage renowned South African Producer & Dj, Caiiro. Personally, as a member of Kwale county is always an honor to witness greatness arrive and jazz our Souls with Sound & Epicness on our beloved coastline. Dj Caiiro will be playing on Saturday so ensure you are there for that.

However, Turnapp took it a step further and reached out to our east African brothers & sisters by also inviting Dj Anitraxx from (Uganda) Dj Drømmer from (Ethiopia) and last but not least Dj Mawe all the way from Barcelona.

Our Kenyan legends are obviously not to be forgotten by the likes of Saint Evo, Dylan´s, L.A. Dave, Youniverse, Akoth Jumadi, Shangatatu, Proviolinist, Moseh The Drummist, and Chris Bittok.

Overall, it is going to be a hot pot of culture, People, and music from all around the world and foremost an epic experience that one can simply not miss out on.


Due to Tiwi Beach being a bit further out which allows freedom of music and noise pollution – Turnapp has provided a transport solution powered by Kaya Escapades. This means they will have a minibus heading toward the event and also leaving the event. 

Pick up location: Carrefour

Time heading to Tiwi:

  • Saturday: First Trip 6 pm, Second Trip 7.30 pm, Third Trip 9 pm, Fourth Trip 10.30 pm
  • Sunday: First Trip 4 pm, Second Trip 6 pm, Third Trip 8 pm 

Time Leaving to Diani:

  • Saturday: First Trip 6 am, Second Trip 8 am
  • Sunday: First trip 6 am, Second Trip 8 am 

Price: 500 Ksh (Going & Leaving)

Mobile Number for booking: 0710600622 Chaka / 0111654547 John


Since the early bird tickets have been sold out which was a whole weekend pass – Turnapp offers 2 remaining packages which are:

  • Early Bird : 2,500 KES (SOLD OUT)
  • Fri : Trick Or Treat : Private Party (SOLD OUT)
  • Saturday : Halloween Party : 2,500 KES ( MAIN EVENT )
  • Sunday : All White Party : 1,000 KES ( ALL WHITE DRESSCODE )

One thing we do find charming and honorable is that the prices above apply to the gate as well so if you’re not 100% sure yet do NOT worry the price will be the same at the gate, the only thing to worry about is that if tickets are SOLD OUT they are SOLD OUT so pre-booking might be of your safest bet.

For Booking information visit 


For those who don’t know or haven’t heard of Turn Appand what they do. They have been providing top-notch events in Diani since early 2019 with great success in weekend festivals at various locations and hosting incredible and creatively designed standalone parties. Turn App Vibes are centered around Electronic, House & Amapiano Music.

For Information about ticket sales and inquiries refer to:

Mobile Number: 0711682365 Harry / 0741454395 Michelle


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Event Ticket Bookings:+254713745758
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