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What can you expect from the Havana Bar and Restaurant in Diani Beach


Havana Bar & Restaurant is located on the Baharini Shopping Center on the far-left side of the complex covered around with short palm trees and a red boundary with a huge brown canvas that is easily identifiable.


The Havana Bar & Restaurant theme is set all around the iconic Cuban culture and philosophy that becomes very apparent from the moment you walk in, the mambo, chachachá, rumba and conga Music instantly engulfs you. No matter where you look you will find artwork that feels like it was made in the early 70s or 80s with simple yet artistic vibrant colors or comedic aspects which leaves the impression that you’re not even in Diani beach. Havana although is placed in the middle of a shopping center complex does a great job isolating itself from the outside world giving you the impression that you’re not surrounded by the busiest shopping complex in Diani

The Havana Bar & Restaurant is split into 3 sections:

The main restaurant spreads over a large surface area which allows all sorts of groups or individuals to find the space that one needs.

Indoor dining Restaurant which is a small yet well-structured and comfortable space 

The bar is located both outside of the Main Restaurant and inside the dining restaurant.

All these options are well connected and give the Havana restaurant its unique flow of possibilities that suits every person’s needs and wants.


Traditionally, Cubans are meat lovers and consume some type of meat at almost every meal. The most popular meat is pork, which are usually served with bread & Baguettes or rice siders, with that being said you best believe Havana delivers when it comes to their pork options.

From BBQ Pork Ribs Full Rack to pulled pork burgers or even their classic CUBANO meal which includes (Roasted Pork, Ham, Cheese, Pickles & Mustard served with freshly baked Baguettes) are some of the many options that you will find at the Havana Bar & Restaurant. Personally, that is what we come for when heading to Havana a proper meaty experience. 

As expected from a Cuban / South American cuisine kitchen items like Quesadillas with Guacamole or Tacos that are served with any sider that you chose either Prawns, Calamari, Chicken or even the good old Chili bean tacos are regular options.

Havana Restaurant & Restaurant also has a stone pizza oven that prepares a large variety of 15 different pizzas from Vegetarian to seafood options. The typical pizzas that we have come to love over the years. Never eaten one personally but friends and family have and they looked well arranged and heavily topped with toppings.

The place does not have many Vegetarian or Vegan options but there are a few on the menu as the place is designed for meat lovers.


As most of us know Cocktails are strongly inspired by the Cuban and South American culture meaning that at the Havana Bar you will find all sorts of cocktails from the classics like the Mojito or the Old Cuba including (Syrup, lime juice, champagne, aged rum) are some only some of the many Long drinks that the bartender mix Infront of you. Beers and other alcoholic beverages are the norm.

Cleanliness & Toilets  

The place is equipped with toilets that sadly only host 1 cubical for men and 1 for women which is just way too little for a location that can host on a busy day up to 100 people at each given time. The overall cleanliness is acceptable.

Service Team

The service team of Havana Bar & Restaurant is young and dynamic. They are quick and have always an eye on your table.


Overall Havana Bar & Restaurant is a fun place to kick it with friends and family. The music is great the staff that works there is always smiling and ready for jokes. We would say the place is perfect to come with a large group of friends and enjoy a fantastic Cuban empire that is authentic and joyful. The Havana Bar & Restaurant is definitely an expensive location both food and drink-wise.

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Good Bar and Restaurant in the middle of Diani Beach. Food and drinks are good but a bit expensive and well served. Havana Bar & Restaurant - Get the Cuban Vibes