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Saturday Night Live – Live Music with Beach Vibes

Real Handmade Music – Wine & Dine & Music – Chilling Dinner Ambiance

The Estuary Beach Lounge – Saturday Night Live is a weekly special that evolves around Open mic vibes right at the beautiful Kongo river.  Every week it will showcase different singers that do cover versions of the classic Hit Songs from both the 20th area and 90s and perhaps in the future sing and songwriters that perform their own materials. Each artist usually puts their twist and style on the songs making it a bit of a different experience each time.

Last weekend – We had the pleasure of enjoying an amazing vocalist going by the name NYAWĪRA. who delivered an amazing performance in regards to singing some throwback songs out there with passionate vocals alongside her pianist. NYAWĪRA definitely had a vibe to her and energy.

Ambiance – Overall if you are familiar with the Estuary you know the tranquility and peace it provides especially in the evening hours having a few Beverages & Deliousce food always goes a long way at the Estuary on just even a regular day and now having NYAWĪRA perform at the same time was super nice to be part of. 

Estuary Team
Miriam and Antonio

What stood really out was the ancient Boabab Tree in the background and NYAWĪRA performing in front of the Giant.

Goes without saying, once again massive thanks to the EstuaryBeach Lounge Team for an amazing night with immaculate service

Saturday Night Live – If you are interested in seeing NYAWĪRA because you missed out or simply want to see her again she will be back on the 27th of August. DON’T MISS OUT.

Regular Saturday Night Live will be definatly continued and we are more than excited to keep you updated on the events and their progression & success.

We have already confirmed a whole month’s program starting from this week August 7th with Muhonja Sing & Songwriter performing.

Saturday Night Live
August 2022

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