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Beach Lounge Feeling all Day – Sun Downer inclusive


The Estuary Beach Lounge in Diani Beach, based at the most northern point of Diani Beach, breaches the border of Tiwi Beach and Diani Beach also renowned as Kongo River amongst locals. This historic site is believed to have been built in the early 14th century by Arab Merchants making it one of the first historical sites across the Kenyan coastline.

The Unique feature of this geographic location is its incredible fusion of freshwater rivers intertwining with the Indian Ocean. Creating an unbelievable display of mother nature’s beauty, seemingly shifting the sands of time to create an exceptional pattern between every tip tide and low tide, that one has to witness to believe it.


The Estuary Beach Lounge Diani is accessible through all transportation platforms, these include (Taxi, Tuk Tuk, Boda Boda, Beach walk depending on your location)

Estuary Lounge also has its own most trusted and exclusive transport methods that can be requested at any time through working hours


Estuary Beach Lounge is an environmentally friendly establishment that opened in the fall of 2020 run by Antonio Alessandria & Miriam Kyumwa, together they execute a recipe that is memorable and exciting & Confrontable

Say no to Single Use, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This is the general motto around Kongo river. Estuary exclusively works with the locals and County to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, by having Scheduled beach cleans up and being a plastic-free zone, at the stance the attitude of the place is immediately recognized by the cleanness and care that is invested in Estuary beach lounge. Simple things as such constant attention to your table or your empty glass make you feel welcomed & important and valued at all times.

One thing that became clear is that Estuary Beach lounge provides multiple varieties of locations and chill opportunities, from Beach Veranda overviewing the whole beach, to bespoke dining potential spots all the way to Unique & tailor-crafted beach setups that take your breath away. Nothing beats sitting in your own open-front tent facing the Indian ocean and hearing the river flow past you and enjoying the magnificent view of the Indian ocean while having the sunset rays at your back giving you that last bit of Dopamine, As that happens there is a rare event that occurs 3 times a month which is the Moonrise, Mark our words its absolutely incredible to witness a blood-red moon appear at the horizon of the ocean and transform into the big blue giant that we know.

The Lounge is also the perfect location for Work & Surf & Turf, having a fully functional WIFI system makes this an ideal location for our digital nomads that are seeking tranquility and a clean working space. We ourselves use the Estuary Lounge from time to time as a headquarter, so if you’re like us, who is seeking some time out but still needs some work to get done Karibu Sana


One of the things that make the Estuary Beach Lounge one of the Top Restaurants and what stands out is that Antonio and Miriam included their head Chefs Ali & Molly who are there throughout your whole stay allowing you to make simple requests become certainty when it comes to your orders that will be received by Beatrice and Isaac who run the show on the service aspect, something that resembles a homely feeling.

The Estuary Beach Lounge has a remarkable combination of Italian cuisine mixed with a twist of Kenyan local food. The mixture of the cultures makes this place an Idle location when it comes to group gatherings for people from all walks of life as well an acute romantic experience (From fresh Italian pizza which by far is some of the most competitive pizza across Diani Beach, if you know your pizza this is defiantly a spot to explore.

Estuary Beach Lounge

Personally, we are big fans of homemade Tagliatelle pasta that is served with a large selection of seafood options or even a simple Italian style Gnocchi presented in an authentic basil tomato sauce topped with Mozzarella

For those that are interested in our local Kenyan cuisine Estuary got your back covered with a running grill that satisfies every need and wants, from freshly caught seafood as such Lobster, Octopus, and fish that can be plated with our original Swahili curry or masala sauce.


As expected from a beach bar & Restaurant the Estuary Lounge has its own beverage entourage. From ice-cold Sodas & Juices to a number of diverse smoothies that keep your head cool and refresh your senses.

Overall, The Estuary Beach Lounge is a very affordable place with a high standard of products that fresh and spotless. Their service is fast and efficient and super friendly big smiles good times.

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As Estuary is a rather young and hip location, it has a lot to bring to the table entertainment-wise, it has a wide range of Lo-Fi jazzy instrumentals that kick you into a transcending of ultimate relaxation as the day progress & effectively bring you back to reality with a massive selection afro beats or even the indie music that we all know the lyrics to. Leading up to the evening program it usually ends up in a bonfire and the gazing stars.


The Water Sports Center is that is run by Owner who is a kiter and Suffer by passion provides that personal twang to your experience whether you’re a pro or beginner. Speaking of beginners, Kongo river is a safe haven for newcomers due to its unique layout that has no coral reef that spreads from beach to deep blue Ocean making it suitable for those who are interested in starting a course. Ever kited on a river? As mentioned before the only place in Kenya where a river meets with the ocean that allows kiters to truly enjoy strong winds and absolutely calm waters as they seemingly glide through the river. Due to the river connecting with the ocean mother nature has carved kongo’s ocean differently from the rest of Diani beach, enabling wave surfers to hunt all day for the perfect waves throughout their stay, and if you’re not into extreme water sports a smooth and gentle stroll downstream in their kayaks is an option that can’t be ignored.

Weekly Specials

The Estuary lounge has a petit weekly program that one should defiantly keep an eye out for which include:

Every Tuesday is what they call Jaba Tuesday- for those that are wondering what is Jaba it’s a local drink that is harvested from a natural plant that acts like an energy drink but is 100% natural that provides a kick mentally and physically.

Mid-Week it’s just Vibes and Sun

On Friday – Estuary has an amazing deal on their pizza which is 50% of for each pizza ensuring you get that extra protein in for the weekend that follows. Great for larger groups to devour Antonio’s Italian Pizza

On Saturday – They get into the groove with their weekly live music that supports locals and upcoming artists to display and encourage their talent as well as international musicians who simply want to jazz up on their holiday and perform.

On Sunday – Just like everywhere in the world – Sunday is family day. Come hang out at Estuary and enjoy what matters the most. Food, Fun, Family.


The Estuary Beach Lounge provides you with food & drinks, sun, and fun. With an exceptional team run by Antonio Alessandria & Miriam Kyumwa who are there for you 24/7. With an amazing chillout zone to fine dining or simply come to have a drink and enjoy lofty jams.

Diani beach is the most beautiful beach in Kenya Kongo is like the cherry on top of the cake with its unique river structure unlike anywhere else across the Kenyan coastline and amazing people that make it wholesome.

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Beach Lounge Feeling all Day - Sun Downer inclusive Location The Estuary Beach Lounge in Diani Beach, based at the most northern point of Diani Beach, breaches the border of Tiwi Beach and Diani Beach also renowned as Kongo River amongst locals. This historic site is...Estuary Beach Lounge - Kongo River Vibes