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Corner Spot Liquor Shop delivers Party Drinks when all others have already closed !


The Corner Spot Liquor Shop is located at Moms Plaza which is near Ukunda junction about 500 meters heading down towards the beach. It’s a huge red marble building that easy right next to the Karafuu Restaurant. It is a bit hidden but easily found once you just take a quick look into Mums Plaza usually indefinable by its bright LED Signboard.


Corner Spot was established in 2019 by Mr. Elvis and was the place to go to during the Pandemic era being one of the few places that delivered and was open throughout the lockdown period proving a pretty much all-around-the-clock alcohol service which it still does to this date.


The Corner Spot Liquor Shop has a rather small selection of alcohol but surely it has the main items that can really save your evening. A few Red and White wines both sweet and dry as well as drinks like Smirnoff, Red Label, Jameson, Jack Daniels, Gilbeys Gin, and the usual suspects when it comes to beers. Soft drinks and juices and waters are also there but sometimes not everything.

Price Value

All prices are fair and have the normal Diani / Ukunda level. NO EXTRA UP-CHARGE for late-night deliveries.

Unique Late Night Service

Elvis, the owner is 24/7 available to be called for pre-orders at any given time !! Your order can be collected by either yourself or the driver of your choice.


The Corner Spot Liquor Shop is definitely a savior when it comes to late-night booze runs !! Yes, you won’t find everything but at least you will get something that will quench your thirst or even grab a packet of cigarettes.

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Instagram:Instagram Page
Phone Number:+254746578151
Opening Hours:9:00 till 22:00
Opening Days:every day
Delivers Party Drinks when all others have already closed !Corner Spot Liquor Shop - The Party Saver