Embrace the Beauty of Silence at Diani’s Pallet Cafe

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Pallet Cafe in Galu Beach – where Silence Speaks Volumes

Good Food – Super Drinks – Amazing Location – Outstanding Team


The Pallet cafe is situated in the southern part of Diani, heading into Galu Beach, after Neptune Hotel. It is about another 1.5 km down the rough road. On the left-hand side (Beach Side), you will see a blue gate where both its Written Pallet Cafe and Kite254 sign boards. If you pass a huge sign saying Diani Beach Park, you have gone a little too far.


Located along Diani’s cleanest beach, Galu, the Pallet Cafe is more than just a beach restaurant. As its evocative name suggests, it’s a unique sanctuary masterfully crafted from pallets and intricate wood structures. The result? An inviting ambience characterized by a delicate white wood aesthetic, perfectly harmonizing with the adjacent powdery white sands. This harmonious blend induces a sense of weightlessness, leaving visitors feeling both light and elevated from the moment they set foot on its grounds.

Pallet Cafe is divided into distinct areas, each designed to cater to the varying preferences of its visitors. For those who love soaking in panoramic views, the cafe’s main building has an indoor seating option that provides an unobstructed view of both the cafe’s interior expanse and the mesmerizing ocean beyond, creating a multi-layered visual treat.

But the magic doesn’t end there. Make your way to the cafe’s iconic bar, and you’ll be greeted by a canopy that shelters up to 50 guests. One can’t help but notice the bar’s standout feature – swing chairs. Lined up along the bar, these swings provide a playful seating alternative. And if you’re a few drinks in, there’s nothing quite like the gentle sway of these chairs with the vast ocean unfolding before your eyes.

Pallet Cafe Restaurant
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For those who prefer the appeal of the beach, the Pallet Cafe offers several cosy options right on the waterfront. Picture this: reclining on a swinging bed with the gentle hum of the waves or curling up in a hammock with a book in hand. There are stationary seating clusters for larger groups or families, complete with petite roofing. These thoughtful additions ensure guests can lounge comfortably, shielded from the midday sun, as they savour every moment at this coastal haven.

The Pallet Cafe also features a modest indoor gym situated by the beach. However, to our eyes, it appeared rather minimalist, equipped mainly with mats and a few weights, hinting at a focus perhaps more on yoga than rigorous workouts.

Another notable feature of the Pallet Cafe is their kite station, aptly named Kite254. Upon seeing it, We immediately thought it would be an excellent location for kite learning. Its placement, a bit distant from the other kite stations in Diani, offers an advantage: fewer people and reduced water sports activities on the beach, creating a more conducive environment for beginners. However, it could also be a spot for larger Kite groups to hang out and have the beach for themselves.
For more info https://www.kite254.com/


While the food menu at Pallet Cafe might not be the most expansive, it certainly doesn’t skimp on variety. Often, the more concise menus perfect each dish, and in the case of Pallet Cafe, this rings true; every dish we ordered was impeccable.

We began our culinary journey with crispy calamari rings and a smooth, perfectly oiled hummus paired with naan bread. For our main course, we indulged in a delectable Creamy Prawn Linguine – prawns, thoughtfully deshelled, drenched in a rich sauce, and served with rice.

The cafe’s offerings span a range, from grilled seafood delights to burgers, wraps, and other tempting bar bites. We must say that the options for Vegan or Vegetarian were a bit small, with maybe one or two salads available and a Vegan burger and a few other things.

Our dining experience at Pallet Cafe was exceptional, judging from taste, quality, and timing. It is absolutely a phenomenal beach spot to eat in peace.


The beverage selection at Pallet Cafe is precisely what you’d anticipate from a beachside bar/cafe. Their range includes everything from white and red wines to rosé and sparkling varieties. Besides wine, the cafe offers beers and a variety of spirits. What caught our attention during our visit was the popularity of juices, mocktails, and cocktails among patrons. It appears that smoothie culture has a notable presence at Pallet Cafe.

Service Team

The service team at Pallet Cafe deserves special mention, and it might not be immediately apparent why. The majority of the staff are deaf. Upon entering, this might not be immediately evident until you notice the sign language illustrations on the walls. Your first interaction with a deaf staff member comes when they ask you where to sit, politely informing you of their hearing impairment.

When handed the menu, one of the first pages provides further instructions on communicating with the deaf staff. It’s truly commendable to witness such inclusivity, offering opportunities for the deaf community to work and be self-sufficient in our ever-evolving society.

It was heartening to observe the seamless interaction between hearing and deaf employees at Pallet Cafe. While one might assume that a deaf waiter might be less attentive, our experience was quite the opposite. In fact, our waiter was more attentive than those in many other places we’ve visited. Kudos to the entire staff at Pallet Cafe; you are genuinely appreciated.

Price Value

Pallet Cafe is not the most budget-friendly spot. While it isn’t expensive, most main courses begin at approximately 1,000 Kenyan shillings, and starters or bite-sized dishes hover around 650 Kenyan shillings. Cocktails commence at a price of 750 Kenyan shillings. That said, given the exceptional service by the staff and the overall quality of the experience, we found the pricing justified and reasonable.


Pallet Cafe offers a serene escape from the commercial hustle often experienced at Diani Beach. It’s an ideal haven for those seeking a quiet workspace without the distractions of blaring music or large crowds. It’s equally fitting for a relaxed beach day with family or friends. As highlighted earlier, the staff’s dedication is commendable, and supporting such a noble cause for the deaf community is truly laudable. We will undoubtedly return.

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Pallet Cafe in Galu Beach - where Silence Speaks Volumes Good Food - Super Drinks - Amazing Location - Outstanding Team Location The Pallet cafe is situated in the southern part of Diani, heading into Galu Beach, after Neptune Hotel. It is about another 1.5 km down...Embrace the Beauty of Silence at Diani's Pallet Cafe