Must See: ONWARD – the new hope of Change


Onward Ronnie OsumbaNearly all of us will remember the last presidential election in 2013. Peter Kenneth was one of the candidates. Beside him was his running mate RONNIE OSUMBA.

Ronnie was by far the youngest running mate ever and he was the hope of change for the young generation of Kenyans.

Last year Ronnie has founded a new youth movement called: ONWARD

Eyes-on-Kwale has watched them for quite a while to see if they really could come up with potential ideas, programs and actions which could make a positive impact on our lives. We think it´s time now for all of us to have a look what they are doing and what they did achieve.

Onward PillarsThe ONWARD movement is a vital, flat and small organization based on the founder Ronnie Osumba, who grouped 5 young and powerful activists around him.

Within this team the team Coordinator Boniface Gor organizes the departments Recruitment, Advocacy, Communication, Programs. Interesting to know that Ronnie – from day 1 on – decided to avoid any kind of political sponsorship to be independent.

The ONWARD platform is self-financed but of cores, they need some donations and funds to enlarge their scope of activities.

We have asked Ronnie to describe his ONWARD movement for us – here is what wrote to all of us:

” It is Nelson Mandela who said that sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. And similarly, Longfellow held that lives of all great men remind us, that we can make our lives sublime, and departing, leave behind us footprints in the sands of time.

Onward is a youthful social action platform for a generation that seeks to influence change and impact lives.

Centre to Onward’s conception was social empathy and the higher ideals of integrity and altruism. Our deepest aspiration is to influence a ‘forlorn’, apathetic and indifferent world into action –for the better. This way, we hope to redeem and restore humanity’s dignity and confidence in self, and oneness.

Onward operates around five pillars: Education, Healthcare, Urban Development, Peace & Security, and Youth & Vulnerable.

In Education, we champion for an affordable yet globally competitive system. This stems from the understanding that the measure of a society is in the quality of education that it offers its members. And while we advocate for formal education, we recognize the place of self education.

Onward 2 optomized

In Healthcare we envision an effective and affordable system. Adequately equipped facilities, both in terms of human resource and up-to-date equipment. We strive to sensitize communities on preventive measures that would go along way in shaping lifestyles and mortality rates.

In Urban Development, we have a special focus in ensuring that communities are educated on the importance of basic hygiene. This is to ensure that hygiene-related ailments are drastically reduced. We also press to ensure access to clean water in urban areas. Above all, we focus on ensuring the security of the structures within which residents reside.

On Peace & Security, we seek to achieve a secure environment around which community members can operate and progress without fear. We aspire for a well equipped and responsive security apparatus, and for genuine peace and reconciliation in areas affected by violence, past or present.

Lastly, in Youth & Vulnerable, we aspire for empowered young people who live out their full potential, and for a system that protects and adequately provides for it’s vulnerable. In achieving our goals we have, and always will employ advocacy –through policy papers, and direct involvement with communities.

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As it stands we have multiple projects running across various universities through the Onward University Chapters. We also have engagements, most notably, the spontaneous settlements of Nairobi ( Kibera, Mathare etc) Since its inception Onward has, and continues to influence and shape the destinies of individuals and communities through its ‘high impact and sustainable projects’. It, however, doesn’t escape us that we require different partnerships and community good-will to realize our vision. It is in this vain that we constantly reach out to willing citizens, either as individuals or in group to join hands with us in this most noble course. It is our hope that we, sooner than later, will be able to get involved actively throughout this country and even beyond. We request all who see, as we see, the urgent need to inspire hope in a ‘ship-wrecked’ society to join hands with us in this journey.”

From our point of view the ONWARD project is on a very good way. It´s the right time to consider supporting them and join the movement. It could be a good for our Kwale County. You have to have a look: …. or …..