ONE MONTH CLUB DIANI – We have to tell you the Truth !!

Our Review

We have joined the Signature Saturday with DJ IV on the Decks

Brilliant Vibes – Classy Party Time – Selected Crowd

It´s late at night or better it´s early morning and we are leaving The Club Diani. Our Team has joined the signature Saturday Party with DJ IV on her decks.

Our legs are tired and we have the feeling we can´t hear properly anymore. We stop for a moment – look at each other and give us a high-five. We are sure that we have just witnessed how Diani Beach Clubbing in 2022 should be.

No– in this review we don´t want to talk about the little glitches that always happen when the clubbing crowd is rolling on and on. Today we want to talk about what Club Diani is doing differently from all other clubs in entire Kwale County.

Let’s start with THE GATE

The Bouncer Team is friendly – believe it – they are friendly. BUT they have found a clear way to make sure that all people inside have the same vibes. No kelele – no fully drunken guests – no mobile stealing gangs and no low-flying malayas…. respect !!

Fully packed is not the target

We all know it – every Club has a natural capacity for clients. So does The Club Diani. It´s a powerful management decision to let the Club run full but not too packed. At any time we had the feeling its a real big party but always could meet people easily and the way to the restrooms only took 1 minute – absolutely perfect.

DJ is not like DJ

To all local DJ´s – we really appreciate all your efforts to entertain us here in Kwale County. BUT …. sometimes we want to hear the champions league of Decks. That´s the current and future strategy of The Club Diani Team. They want to present the DJ Top-Deckers from our Country – mostly on the weekends

This Saturday we got the vibes from DJ IV – Nairobian Women Power pure. She was playing her tunes when we arrived and was still on the decks when we left – well guess why ? ( Money is not the answer )

The Club Diani

Last but not Least – NO RACISM

It should be normal that we are equal on the world. Also in our loved Kenya. BUT we all know this does not happen everywhere…… well well well … we can witness that The Club Diani Team is 100% color blind. The same service and friendliness for everybody.
( Thanks Club Diani Team to create that spirit )

Final Words

The Club Diani is the favorite Club of the entire Eyes on Kwale Team. If they could keep the actual level – the Club Diani will become one of the best locations on the entire south coast…. right here …. just a few minutes away…. YES !!!

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