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New Kwale Tourism Attraction – The Garbage Tour

New Kwale Tourism Attraction – The Garbage Tour

It´s not so long ago that our Diani Beach was rated one of the most beautiful beaches around the world. For sure a step forward to promote our Kwale County as an international tourism destination.

But our current County Government has shown in the last more than 2 years that they are not really interested in pushing our south coast tourism business – at least we can not identify any milestone project to be a finalist.

These days we can recognize that the garbage situation – especially on the Diani Beach Road is getting more worse every day. Very big areas left and right of this road are dirty and becoming waste dumping hotspots.

There is no network of official waste collection areas that would be cleared by the government. So we see them growing wild everywhere – including the usual waste burning fires, which are highly dangerous for the environment and the personal health.

Waste in Ukunda2Of cores, we all remember the new anti-waste-dumping-law … don´t laugh – its existing !!!

But maybe our Kwale Tourism Minister Adam Sheikh has something new in mind. He is talking ( only talking ) about strengthen the local tourism attractions. Well – here we are.

What about a daily excursion around Diani Beach and Ukunda and we call them The Garbage Tour.

It would be a tour you don’t need to organize – just drive and see. You don’t need rangers or conservancy areas.

What a brilliant idea !!!!