We are looking for YOU – as Citizen Journalist

    Kwale County Journal Team

    Citizen Journalist for Eyes-on-Kwale – We are looking for YOU !!


    Eyes on Kwale is a new County Journal project that is publishing on the Internet since middle of 2014. Since the beginning we have found a steadily growing group of readers and Facebook followers ( nearly 2000 now )

    Now – based on our success – we are looking for Citizens of Kwale who have passion in joining our team.

    We need you Eyes on Kwale is different. We are not interested in being the political announcement board that flashes on a daily rhythm un-reflected news through the media.

    We have our own agenda

    We are investigating, we are questioning, we are writing names and publish pictures, we are consistently monitoring progress and come back with updates and last but not least:

    We have an opinion.

    We would be more than happy to find Kwalenians who are ambitious to write about different Kwale topics that are tackling our life’s, such as Health, Education, Agriculture, County Government, Tourism, Human Rights, Business Successes and much more.

    You want to join – be welcome

    Before you contact us you should know about our ethics:

    We are not in favor of any political party or politician – we measure on results against plans

    We are not in favor of any religion – our opinions are based on the human rights granted by our Kenyan Constitution

    We are not in favor of any tribe – tribalism is for us an old historical bondage – we are all Kenyans

    We are investigative but 100% fair – we know what we are writing and can prove at any time what we are saying

    We are posting pictures and write involved names – but at any time we are not harassing or blaming people.

    You can sign this ethic principles ? You feel passion in investigating and writing ? You are somehow equipped with Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone and/or Camera ?

    If YES – maybe it could be your call to join the EYES on KWALE team and work on a new way of citizen Journalism ….


    Please use this Contact Form to contact us !!!!


    We need you in Kwale County