Kwale County Budget 2014/2015 – A first look !!


Eyes-on-Kwale had the chance to get a first copy of the new Kwale County Budget 2014 / 2015 which is in place already since 1st of July 2014. This is the second budget of our current county government and it was developed within the full cycle of the our new constitution.

While the first county budget was a kind of transition framework – this actual one is showing the significant input of our Governor and his team.

We will start today a small series of budget analysis that will highlight the details of the 5.6 Mio Schilling spending plan. At first find hereafter the total budget separated by departments and entities. It shows how much we spent in total – means the spending includes cost for employees, rent, electricity etc. – PLUS – the development cost.

Kwale County Budget 2014-2015 - Information

Very obvious is the focus on Health and Water with a total spending of far beyond 1.000.000 Schilling. Our Government plans very ambitious improvements in the health and Water-Infrastructure arena – A GOOD MOVE !!!!

Surprisingly is the planed low investment is the Tourism and ICT department. With below 200 Mio is nearly the lowest investment at all. It looks too low compared to the thousands of jobs participating from it.

Kwale County Budget 2014-2015 - Information-2


As said – this is the first little overview of the new Kwale County Budget 2014 / 2015. In the coming days we will look into each department more closely and will provide details about it.