Governor Mvurya is fighting to stop the killing of our Beach


About one month ago we revealed that the Killing of our Indian Ocean Beaches here in Kwale County has not stopped as hoped. Still at night the Chinese Sand Dredger ship leaves the port of Mombasa and is sucking tones and tones of our beach sand to support the building of the new railway.

Believe it or not – everybody knows !!!

Meetings were held – all national newspapers were reporting about it – village elders were claiming – tourism stakeholders were shouting – environmental organizations were presenting impact studies …. nothing helped to stop this huge environmental killing.

The question is WHY ?

Dear Eyes-on-Kwale fans and followers – we all know why !! Driven by the Chinese constructing company all important decision makers like NEMA and KPA ( Kenya Port Authority ) and maybe some top national government positions have connected to find their way against the interest of Kwale County.

Last month we asked the Kwale County Government about their position and they confirmed they are totally against the sand dredging. Then we were waiting to see what they would come up with.

We believe that our Governor Salim Mvurya did as much as he can to stop it via his official mandate consulting the related stakeholders – but it looks like without success !!!

NOW – Governor Mvurya came up with a brilliant way to increase public pressure. He placed a one page add in the Daily Nation describing the situation and calling everybody to help stopping this scandal.

To be honest – that is an excellent move !!!


Let’s share this article and show the entire Kenyan Nations what’s happening here. Let’s share this article and demonstrate that we are behind our Governor Mvurya in his fight against killing our Beaches.

Find here the 1 page advertising he has placed in the Daily Nation on Friday the 8th of May 2015

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Governor Mvurya is fighting to stop the killing of our Beach ( Click to enlarge )