German Tourism Keyplayer DER-TOURISTIK is investing in Kenyan Education


While others are evacuating toursists from our country – the German Tourism Keyplayer DER TOURISTIK is inversting in Kenya´s Education.

” Give education a home ”

The DER Touristik has set itself the goal for 2014, to initiate the construction and expansion of schools in countries where children and young people better education and thus require future opportunities in particular. Here, the company is working with the Reiner Foundation Meutsch “Fly & Help” together. Already since 2010 realized “Fly & Help” successful worldwide educational projects in close cooperation with local partners. The Foundation can ensure the maintenance of schools and hence the sustainable impact in the long term. The educational institutions completed received state recognition.

DER Touristik is funding these projects, also hotel and travel agency partners of the DER Touristik can join the initiative and support of their contribution to school construction projects. The same applies also for the guests of the tour operators ITS, Jahn Reisen, tjaereborg, Dertour, Meier’s world and ADAC Reisen and customer sales organizations THE travel agency, Derpart, DER Touristik Partner Service and FCm Travel Soluions.

Magunga: Two new pre-schools

Preschools open 3 – to 6-year-olds have better access to education.
With the donation money the DER Touristik support the construction of two preschools in selected primary schools in Magunga and providing them with chairs, tables and teaching materials. Construction will begin in April 2014.

Nakuru: Construction of a primary school

For years, the pre-school “Mirisa Academy” offers 90 children the best conditions for entry into school education.
Now be followed by a Primary School with eight classrooms, an administrative wing, small playing field and playground. With the donation money the DER Touristik financed a building with two classrooms. It was completed in February 2014.
Status Completed: 100 percent
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(In a slum of Nakuru, a town northeast of the capital Nairobi, two new classes have already been completed.)
Muthesya: construction of eight new classrooms

With this project, the structural condition and the equipment of the ailing Lulamba Elementary School will be significantly improved: With the donation money the DER Touristik funded the construction of eight new classrooms, the purchase of school desks, teaching and play materials and the improvement of hygienic standards.
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( Reiner Meutsch (Fly & Help) and Sören Hartmann and Norbert Fiebig (DER Touristik) surrounded by children.
The earlier of the mountains and sea-based organization managing Meutsch Fly & Help builds and maintains schools worldwide.)