First they killed our Elephants – Now – They kill our Beach


We all will see in a few years that it was a historical mistake for all of us to open investment opportunities for the Chinese government and its industry.

These always smiling “ Kenya Supporters “ have invaded our country and found a Kenyan political class who was and is more than willing to give-in our natural recourses for the sake of so called economic growth. Don´t think they are helping us because they want to see Kenya growing nicely. The Chinese are here only to help themselves.

Kenya is targeted as a very interesting market for their own products and services.

IvoryMaybe you say now: “ What’s wrong with it – that’s normal “ … well it could be normal as long as a business partnership is grounded on ethics and moral that fits both sides. For example. It is more than obvious that the Chinese in combination with other Asians are in love with ivory – only they don’t have enough. But we as Kenyans – we would have enough – but we don’t want to sell it because we are in love with our nature and its belonging elephants or rhino’s.

A business partner with a minimum ethic, moral and a sense of partnership would understand and respect this. Well but not the Chinese. Since the Chinese companies and administration are around in our country poaching is recording new death toll records year after year. More than that they are also the biggest worldwide supporter of NOT stopping ivory trading.

And now – they are killing our Indian Ocean Beach.

dredger What is happening? Our Government has given several huge construction tenders to Chinese companies. This constructions need sand for making concrete. In a south coast meeting – Professor Jacob Kibwage – who teaches at the University of Nairobi and who is licensed by NEMA – gave an outlook of the projects. Prof. Kibwage gave an outline of what the project was about, including the construction of a new KPA terminal at Port Reitz where all the rubbish was being dumped out at sea, approximately 4km off shore. The new railway terminal will also be at Port Reitz but for the construction of the railway line for which 5.000.000 tons of sand would be required and which would be taken from our ocean bed along Diani Beach,. The sand would then be washed at Port Reitz and then used.

Wait a minute: 5.000.000 tons of beach sand will be taken out of the ocean.

WHY ? Because it’s just the cheapest way. These Chinese companies don´t care about our corals, our fishermen our beautiful ocean – they just do it because they CAN do it. The Kwale community has tried to stop it. Driven by Luciana Bazile the SCRA Chairperson ( South Coast Resident Association ) all relevant stakeholders were denying it and came up with a clear NO – stop it !!

All residents including marine experts, voiced their concerns including:

a) Killing of our mangroves at Gazi – mangroves which produce oxygen and filter the air we breath.
b) How come such a marine project was undertaken without consulting any marine experts/scientists on the impact this would have.
c) By removing the sand just across from the reef the hydrology in the area would change and a real possibility that the tides would take the sand from our beaches to fill the gaps and we would remain with sandless but rocky beaches as has happened in front of Sand Island in Tiwi.
d) The Tiwi Fishermen reiterated that they are still jobless as no fishing can be done in their area, and it is 2 years now that they cannot afford to send their children to school.
e) The tourist industry would totally collapse which tourist wants to come to an area which is just rocks, no diving, no fishing etc.
f) The filthy which is being dumped outside Mombasa into the Ocean will also impact us, as the tides will slowly bring this filth ashore along the coastlines.
g) The fishermen were worried as they would no longer have a job.
h) The reef would die.
i) Heavy metals from the mud dumped off Likoni could contaminate the ocean.
j) No scientific studies done nor a proper EIA document produced but merely a slide show praising the new railway.

The sand is goingOur Kwale County Minister of Tourism, Hon Adam Sheik, expressed his disappointment that his Governor had not been consulted on such a project.

Within his County, and the response from our County Government was a definite NO to this project being undertaken here.

But how can we stop our “ Kenyan Friends “ these Chinese sand dredger ?

Let’s shout it to our Governor: