Total Expenditure Analysis Kwale County – July till December 2013


During the six months period, the total expenditure for the County was Kshs 427.5 million surpassing the funds released by 26 per cent. This is attributed to the use of development funds for recurrent expenditure.

Kwale County Budget Review - July till December 2013The total expenditure translated to an absorption rate of 10 per cent of the annual budget. Out of the total expenditure, Kshs.407.5 million (95%) was spent on recurrent activities while Kshs.19.7 million (5%) was spent on development projects. The recurrent expenditure for the period July to December, 2013 represented 120 per cent of the funds released for recurrent activities. This was an absorption rate of 14.2 per cent of the annual recurrent budget. Similarly, the development expenditure was 4.3 per cent of the development funds released during the period translating to an absorption rate of 1.3 per cent of the annual development budget.

[quote_center]Only 5% were spent on Development[/quote_center]

Further analysis of operations and maintenance shows that expenditure on Utilities, Supplies and services takes a lead at Kshs 142.8 million (50%) while Kshs.52.9 million (18%) was spent on Domestic and foreign travel, Kshs 40.1 million (14%) on training, Kshs 10.7 million (4%) on general office supplies; Kshs 10.7 million (4%) on County Assembly siting allowances; Kshs 7 million (2%) on conferences and hospitality and Kshs.6.5 million (2.2%) on printing, advertising and information supplies.