Diani Rules 2015 – Madaraka Charity Beach Fun


The ” Diani Rules “, the Charity Beach Fun Event which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year will take place at our Madaraka weekend – on Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st. Diani Rules simple means the rules of the games are made up in Diani, by the judges where the event is held.

Diani Rules 2015 2 optomizedSixteen teams of eight (at least 3 of whom must be girls) compete in team sports such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, tug of war, beach rugby, Frisbee and other games as programmed by the organizers.

Teams representing companies from both Kenya and abroad, from different business backgrounds, come to take part, help with the organization or simply to watch and be part of the fun. Many other organizations, individuals, businessmen and hotels come together to give prizes not only for the teams but also for the grand raffle.

” Diani Rules ” much more than just FUN !!!!

Last year Ksh.550000 was raised for the Kwale District Eye Centre to enable them continue providing quality eye care which is accessible to all. This year the organizing team is aiming higher.

Because of 25 years of fundraising which Diani Rules is a part of, thousands of poor Kenyan people and their families have literally been given the Gift of Sight. The commonest cause of blindness in Kenya is through Cataract. Cataract can be surgically removed so that the patient can see again.

The Kwale District Eye Centre operates in a poor rural district on the Kenyan Coast. It was founded in 1993 by UK trained ophthalmologist Dr Helen Roberts. The aim of the Eye Centre is to provide affordable, accessible eye care to combat the totally unnecessary rate of blindness that occurs in the area. There are many cases of child and youth blindness mainly preventable and symptomatic of poor diet and parental ignorance. No patients are refused treatment. Donations are required, particularly to allow poor patients to undergo surgical procedures.

Diani Rules 2015 4 optomizedSponsors and teams include, Heineken, Safaricom, Dt Dobie, Civicon, Satao Camp, Base Titanium, Oserian, Swahili Beach and South Coast Backpackers.

Hotels and local companies give prizes for raffle or auction and a percentage of the food and drinks donated to the Kale District Eye Centre.

Diani Rules celebrates more than 25 years of fun and support to The Kwale District Eye Centre. Come and join this year’s edition from Saturday the 30th May to Sunday 31st May 2015.

See the Diani Rules time table:

Diani Rules 2015 5