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Rotary is an organisation of business and professional people united world-wide who encourage humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all locations and help to build goodwill and peace around the world.

Rotary members volunteer their time, their talent and their resources in order to remedy vital community needs.

The Rotary Club of Diani was formed in the year 1985. However, it was not until 11th February 1986 that it was chartered. The Rotary Club of Diani started with 22 charter members. Currently they have 23 members with an average age of 50. The Club targets to identify local community needs and leverage resources to enable solutions. Naturally, this is why the club relies heavily on member and community support to achieve its goals. New members bring energy, resources and generally help the club to achieve much more.

Rotary Diani 3 optomizedWhether a member is participating in a Club project or creates a project that the club agrees to support there are many ways that rotary serves the community. Rotary Clubs around the world are funded differently depending on the Club Members. The Rotary Club of Diani has different ways of funding; one of the main sources is the Annual Rotary Charity run which is held every December.

Also Rotary friends of the club are actively involved in funding different projects. Currently one club in Dubai and three clubs in Germany are helping to fund various projects. The Club also receives grants from Rotary International to bridge gaps as per part of Rotary Internationals responsibility to clubs around the world.

The Rotary Club of Diani has undertaken various projects in supporting the local community:

– Building and furnishing Diani Dispensary in Ukunda.
– Assisting the Kwale District n a Polio Immunization Program throughout the district
– Building 9 bus stop shelters in Ukunda/Diani area
– Building Mishui Primary School
– Building Mghaoni Primary School
– Building Mwadinda Primary School
– Assisting the local drug rehabilitation centre with installation of a water tank and supplying building material.
– Donating over 4000 desks to several schools in Kwale County.
– Supplying Milalani School dormitory with electricity and building a poultry farm for the school to be self-sufficient
– Distributing school books to over 100 schools in Kwale County.

Rotary Diani 2 optomizedCurrently The Rotary Club of Diani is renovating The Diani Dispensary to enable the dispensary meet the growing number of patients seeking medical attention.

In the future the Club is looking to organise medical camps in cooperation with local schools. During medical camps, hygiene basics are taught to pupils and their parents. In addition the Rotary Club of Diani offers basic medical examination and treatment.

“ I wanted to help the community but felt all alone. I joined the Rotary family, who can not only help but also brings networks and friendships together „ : says Peter Mangnitz outgoing President of Diani Rotary club on Joining Rotary 30 years ago.

Rotary Club of Diani meets every Thursday at the Leisure Lodge Golf Club House between 12.30 to 14.00 – you are invited if you want to meet and talk to them.

Club President: Peter Mangnitz
Telephone Number: 0728151517
E-mail address: rotarydiani@gmail.com

Club Secretary: William Maithya
Telephone Number: 0725892208
E-mail address: maithya9@hotmail.com


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