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HOTELIERS have praised the decision by the National Environment Management Authority to revise the cost of acquiring waste management licences.

The Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act (EMCA) license introduced by the Environment ministry in 2006 was considered punitive by many hoteliers.

National Environment Management Authority Director-General Geoffrey Wahungu

National Environment Management Authority Director-General Geoffrey Wahungu

All hotels, irrespective of their sizes, were supposed to pay Sh105,000 to acquire licences.

The charges have been revised to between Sh25, 000 and Sh100,000 depending on size of hotel, the Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers and Caterers has said.

Speaking to the press in Mombasa, KAHC Coast executive officer Sam Ikwaye said small hotels are subjected to high operation costs.

„We raised this issue as small hotels used to pay the same amount as five star hotels for industrial waste management. This was totally unfair,“ he said.

The new rates are now categorized according to size of hotels, those with 1-25 beds will be paying Sh25, 000 annually, 25-50 bed occupancy will pay Sh30, 000 and 50-75 beds will pay Sh75, 000.

The association’s CEO Mike Macharia said revision of the licence fees will help small hotels survive harsh economic times.


Kenya Tourism gets a shot in the arm as CONDOR anounces their 4th flight to Kenya as of July 2014

Information has been obtained that Condor, the German charter airline, is planning to up their current three weekly flights from Germany to Mombasa and on to Zanzibar to four, come July.

Condor AirlineWhile the added seats will not make up for the loss of the charters from the UK, which were halted in a panic reaction to a travel advisory issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which going by common undertones from Kenya was aimed at nothing else but to inflict pain and damage on the Kenyan government and by prolongation the tourism industry, at least will it allow for greater numbers of German tourists to come and visit the Kenyan coast.

Although the flight moves on from Mombasa to Zanzibar, an East African island destination with growing appeal in Germany, has the announcement rekindled hope among the tourism and resort stakeholders at the coast and reaffirmed the strategy to continue working existing markets alongside new and emerging markets to showcase Kenya as a safe and desirable destination for tourist visitors.

Charter flights to Mombasa from Europe started to fizzle away from as early as February this year due to a lack of demand and with many tour operators no longer willing to guarantee the minimum number of seats needed to operate such charter flights without incurring losses, several airlines decided to cut down on flights to reduce their risk, leaving the Kenya coast for the first time in decades short of flight capacity to fill the resort beds.

Watch this space for more emerging news as and when information becomes available.



#TembeaKenya – Kenya´s domestic Tourism campaign 2014 


President Kenyatta said the industry has also identified several other measures to complement government’s initiatives to revamp the tourism sector. The tourism stakeholders promised to offer better vacation package to Kenyans compared to what they offer international package tourists, estimated at about USD 60 (Ksh5,280) daily per person.
“The Government and Industry will develop an interactive Kenya Tourism Portal, within a week, to promote and manage booking and distribution of domestic guests under the Tourism Stimulus Program,” the President Uhuru said.

Now – Kenya´s Tourist Board, through its Magical Kenya brand has launched a viral digital-only marketing campaign dubbed #TembeaKenya aimed at promoting domestic tourism. The 45 seconds clip shows a local, “John” traversing the country’s destinations including the wild and beaches and engaging in various fun activities like game drive, a trip on an air balloon, playing golf among others, to the envy of his friends. The advert is themed “We are out there, What about you” and it seeks to encourage locals to enjoy the tourist destination that are on offer in the country. This video advertising comes along with some others, which were uoploaded a few days ago.

#tembeakenyaSofar so good – the campaign is online. We dont believe fully in the quality – but lets see how it will be pushed through the digital channels.

BUT – what we are missing till now:

Where are the promised residential offers from the tourism industry ?

Till this morning not a single tourims offer was present that came near to the “ promised “ 5.250,- Schilling. We know the THE tourism industry doesn´t exsist – they are fragmented in different stakeholder organisation. But at least we would like to see offers from thoses who adviced our President to come up with this kind of stimulus program.


Tembea Kenya – Kenya Tourism Ad 2014 #TembeaKenya

Showcasing the best of Kenya, there is so much more in Magical Kenya for all interest groups. MagicalKenya, we are out there, what about you! #TembeaKenya

#TembeaKenya – Masai Mara Game Reserve

The Mara is one of Kenya’s most remarkable wildlife attractions that make’s Kenya one of the best wildlife destinations in the world. The Mara was awarded its title for its sheer volume and variety of game. Kenya’s Maasai Mara reserve has a wide range of accommodation and travel options. There are luxury lodges, exclusive tented camps, campsites and more available.

#TembeaKenya – Play Golf at the Kenyan Coast

For the traveler seeking a diverse range of golf courses, combined with world class standards and service, Kenya is the perfect choice. Kenya’s courses offer international golfing standards and some of the world’s finest design and landscaping. Our golf and country clubs have the best facilities in the region and high quality service built on Kenya’s reputation for welcoming warmth. A round of golf in Kenya can often be a nature walk in itself, with a remarkable profusion of bird life and wildlife surrounding the greens. You don’t have to move far from the green in Kenya to discover a world of travel opportunities. Kenya offers endless choice of activities suited for adventure or relaxation. No matter how you want to spend your time off the course, you’ll find plenty of options. Next time you are on a Kenya Safari, remember to pack your golf clubs.

#TembeaKenya – Nakuru, Aberdare, Ol Pejeta

Kenya has long been known as an adventurer’s paradise. This is a land of endless opportunity for the active traveller, a country rich with possibilities for adventure and discovery. Looking for a Horse Back Safari, Kenya is home to a very active equestrian community, and horses are a great way to explore wilderness areas. Riding through herds of game is an ideal way to experience the wild up close and personal.

#TembeaKenya – Samburu

The Samburu region is the best place to find several endemic Northern species, including Gerenuk, the Reticulated Giraffe, and Grevy’s Zebra. The forests along the river banks are home to many birds, including local species such as the Palm Nut Vulture and the Vinaceous Dove. These forests are also home to many Leopards, often seen at dusk. The sight of one of these beautiful and elusive creatures is always a rare treat. Lions are also frequently seen on the riverbanks, and Cheetah can be found on the open plains. On rare occasion, packs of African Hunting Dogs are sighted passing through the reserve.




MsaSuleimann Dorimbweni MP Suleiman Dori has rejected proposals to waive VAT and taxes for hotels that have suffered massive losses due to Western travel advisories. Instead, the MP wants the National Government to boost the country’s security saying this will attract more investors.

MP Dori whose constituency houses most hotels that have been affected by the advisories and evacuation of western tourists.

This is a national tragedy that requires concerted efforts to revive it. Even if we waive taxes, we still will not attract tourists if the security situation remains the way it is

Kenyan officials have reacted angrily to the western travel advisories and terror alerts with President Uhuru Kenyatta accusing the West of economic sabotage. The President said that these Western tourists will be replaced by those from Asia, Africa and even Kenyans.

However, in an interview with, Dori said with the volatile security situation in Kenya, even local tourists, that the President is talking about, will not feel safe to visit the coastal region.

“Who says that local people do not require security?” Dori asked. The MP now said all security apparatus, including intelligence gathering departments need to improve and support government’s anti-terror efforts. “I believe Kwale is only second to Samburu in matters tourism and most residents here depend on it for their livelihood. We are calling for stringent security measures by all agencies involved to ensure our economy does not go down the drain,” he said.


While others are evacuating toursists from our country – the German Tourism Keyplayer DER TOURISTIK is inversting in Kenya´s Education.

“ Give education a home “

The DER Touristik has set itself the goal for 2014, to initiate the construction and expansion of schools in countries where children and young people better education and thus require future opportunities in particular. Here, the company is working with the Reiner Foundation Meutsch „Fly & Help“ together. Already since 2010 realized „Fly & Help“ successful worldwide educational projects in close cooperation with local partners. The Foundation can ensure the maintenance of schools and hence the sustainable impact in the long term. The educational institutions completed received state recognition.

DER Touristik is funding these projects, also hotel and travel agency partners of the DER Touristik can join the initiative and support of their contribution to school construction projects. The same applies also for the guests of the tour operators ITS, Jahn Reisen, tjaereborg, Dertour, Meier’s world and ADAC Reisen and customer sales organizations THE travel agency, Derpart, DER Touristik Partner Service and FCm Travel Soluions.

Magunga: Two new pre-schools

Preschools open 3 – to 6-year-olds have better access to education.
With the donation money the DER Touristik support the construction of two preschools in selected primary schools in Magunga and providing them with chairs, tables and teaching materials. Construction will begin in April 2014.

Nakuru: Construction of a primary school

For years, the pre-school „Mirisa Academy“ offers 90 children the best conditions for entry into school education.
Now be followed by a Primary School with eight classrooms, an administrative wing, small playing field and playground. With the donation money the DER Touristik financed a building with two classrooms. It was completed in February 2014.
Status Completed: 100 percent
Committed WORLDS
(In a slum of Nakuru, a town northeast of the capital Nairobi, two new classes have already been completed.)
Muthesya: construction of eight new classrooms

With this project, the structural condition and the equipment of the ailing Lulamba Elementary School will be significantly improved: With the donation money the DER Touristik funded the construction of eight new classrooms, the purchase of school desks, teaching and play materials and the improvement of hygienic standards.
Committed WORLDS
( Reiner Meutsch (Fly & Help) and Sören Hartmann and Norbert Fiebig (DER Touristik) surrounded by children.
The earlier of the mountains and sea-based organization managing Meutsch Fly & Help builds and maintains schools worldwide.)