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" One of the most important assets of a comunity is information"


Rotary is an organisation of business and professional people united world-wide who encourage humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all locations and help to build goodwill and peace around the world.

Rotary members volunteer their time, their talent and their resources in order to remedy vital community needs.

The Rotary Club of Diani was formed in the year 1985. However, it was not until 11th February 1986 that it was chartered. The Rotary Club of Diani started with 22 charter members. Currently they have 23 members with an average age of 50. The Club targets to identify local community needs and leverage resources to enable solutions. Naturally, this is why the club relies heavily on member and community support to achieve its goals. New members bring energy, resources and generally help the club to achieve much more.

Rotary Diani 3 optomizedWhether a member is participating in a Club project or creates a project that the club agrees to support there are many ways that rotary serves the community. Rotary Clubs around the world are funded differently depending on the Club Members. The Rotary Club of Diani has different ways of funding; one of the main sources is the Annual Rotary Charity run which is held every December.

Also Rotary friends of the club are actively involved in funding different projects. Currently one club in Dubai and three clubs in Germany are helping to fund various projects. The Club also receives grants from Rotary International to bridge gaps as per part of Rotary Internationals responsibility to clubs around the world.

The Rotary Club of Diani has undertaken various projects in supporting the local community:

– Building and furnishing Diani Dispensary in Ukunda.
– Assisting the Kwale District n a Polio Immunization Program throughout the district
– Building 9 bus stop shelters in Ukunda/Diani area
– Building Mishui Primary School
– Building Mghaoni Primary School
– Building Mwadinda Primary School
– Assisting the local drug rehabilitation centre with installation of a water tank and supplying building material.
– Donating over 4000 desks to several schools in Kwale County.
– Supplying Milalani School dormitory with electricity and building a poultry farm for the school to be self-sufficient
– Distributing school books to over 100 schools in Kwale County.

Rotary Diani 2 optomizedCurrently The Rotary Club of Diani is renovating The Diani Dispensary to enable the dispensary meet the growing number of patients seeking medical attention.

In the future the Club is looking to organise medical camps in cooperation with local schools. During medical camps, hygiene basics are taught to pupils and their parents. In addition the Rotary Club of Diani offers basic medical examination and treatment.

“ I wanted to help the community but felt all alone. I joined the Rotary family, who can not only help but also brings networks and friendships together „ : says Peter Mangnitz outgoing President of Diani Rotary club on Joining Rotary 30 years ago.

Rotary Club of Diani meets every Thursday at the Leisure Lodge Golf Club House between 12.30 to 14.00 – you are invited if you want to meet and talk to them.

Club President: Peter Mangnitz
Telephone Number: 0728151517
E-mail address: rotarydiani@gmail.com

Club Secretary: William Maithya
Telephone Number: 0725892208
E-mail address: maithya9@hotmail.com


We say – Thank YOU !!!

In the last week we have passed the magic number of 20.000 Facebook Fans, who follow us in our adventure to deliver Kwale County News, that are a bit different to the established mean stream media.

20000 Facebook Likes Eyes on Kwale

First of all – we love our Kwale County – one of the most beautiful places to live. We want to see our County growing in a fair and environmental friendly way. We don´t believe that tribalism brings anything to the community. We want to see that everybody, who is elected or appointed to serve our County People will try to do the best regardless of ethnic membership.

From us YOU can expect to look behind the curtains. If we find achievements we will tell it – if we find corruption or mismanagement we will write it. We are and we will be independent. We have no financial interest and we are all working free of charge.

It´s our strong believe in independent and investigative journalism that drives us every day. The fact that we crossed the 20000 Facebook Follower mark this week gives us confidence that more and more Kenyans have the same point of view.

Thanks again for your trust in us – we will not disappoint you all.

Best regards
The entire Eyes on Kwale Team


Diani Street Lights 2 optomizedKwale County Government is finally lighting up Diani Beach in an ambitious project to improve security and promote a 24 hour economy as part of Kwale’s County Integrated Development plan which mirrors the national strategy, Vision 2030.

The new 350 street lights (when completed) spanning from Indian Ocean beach club all the way to Mwisho wa Lami.

This covers slightly more than 13km.

The new solar off-grid Integrated street lights are the next generation of solar street light systems. All of the components including the solar panel, Lithium Ion batteries, charge controller, light sensor are housed inside a single Aluminium body.

Harry Kisamwa – (Director Oranje Safaris) : “ Very positive. We hope they all work and they are properly maintained. “

Harry Kisamwa – (Director Oranje Safaris) : “ Very positive. We hope they all work and they are properly maintained. “

The Integrated design not only makes the fixture aesthetically pleasing but it makes installation and maintenance extremely easy.

The County Government of Kwale has actually no immediate plans to expand the project in this financial year. However through the County Ministry of Tourism, the County Government is in discussion with all hotels to reciprocate efforts to light up Diani by having streets on their side of the streets.

This project will not only enhance security and tourism but also open up Diani Beach to further investment.

Visitors and residents will now feel safer to walk up and down Diani beach road with various businesses, which now perhaps are willing to stay open much later than before.

Vikram Korla – (MD of Neptune Group) says : “ A very good idea going forward on opening up Diani “

Vikram Korla – (MD of Neptune Group) says : “ A very good idea going forward on opening up Diani “

The project was funded by the County Infrastructure and Public works department to a tune of Ksh.66 million in the 2013/14 budget. There was a delay in the process due to import problems of samples before approval by the County Engineer.

Lighting up Diani Beach had been a project in the works since the early 1980’s, where the national government always made promises of undertaking the same. The County Government kept promise and showed with the right mind set and budget, projects that were otherwise ignored by the national government could now become a reality.

Dr. Philip Varghese – (Adminstration Committee Chair Rotary Diani) : “ Good news for Diani. Hopefully the County Government will maintain them and Vandals will keep off.”

Diani Beach Street Lights 2015


The “ Diani Rules „, the Charity Beach Fun Event which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year will take place at our Madaraka weekend – on Saturday the 30th and Sunday the 31st. Diani Rules simple means the rules of the games are made up in Diani, by the judges where the event is held.

Diani Rules 2015 2 optomizedSixteen teams of eight (at least 3 of whom must be girls) compete in team sports such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, tug of war, beach rugby, Frisbee and other games as programmed by the organizers.

Teams representing companies from both Kenya and abroad, from different business backgrounds, come to take part, help with the organization or simply to watch and be part of the fun. Many other organizations, individuals, businessmen and hotels come together to give prizes not only for the teams but also for the grand raffle.

“ Diani Rules “ much more than just FUN !!!!

Last year Ksh.550000 was raised for the Kwale District Eye Centre to enable them continue providing quality eye care which is accessible to all. This year the organizing team is aiming higher.

Because of 25 years of fundraising which Diani Rules is a part of, thousands of poor Kenyan people and their families have literally been given the Gift of Sight. The commonest cause of blindness in Kenya is through Cataract. Cataract can be surgically removed so that the patient can see again.

The Kwale District Eye Centre operates in a poor rural district on the Kenyan Coast. It was founded in 1993 by UK trained ophthalmologist Dr Helen Roberts. The aim of the Eye Centre is to provide affordable, accessible eye care to combat the totally unnecessary rate of blindness that occurs in the area. There are many cases of child and youth blindness mainly preventable and symptomatic of poor diet and parental ignorance. No patients are refused treatment. Donations are required, particularly to allow poor patients to undergo surgical procedures.

Diani Rules 2015 4 optomizedSponsors and teams include, Heineken, Safaricom, Dt Dobie, Civicon, Satao Camp, Base Titanium, Oserian, Swahili Beach and South Coast Backpackers.

Hotels and local companies give prizes for raffle or auction and a percentage of the food and drinks donated to the Kale District Eye Centre.

Diani Rules celebrates more than 25 years of fun and support to The Kwale District Eye Centre. Come and join this year’s edition from Saturday the 30th May to Sunday 31st May 2015.

See the Diani Rules time table:

Diani Rules 2015 5



If you take a little bit of time and drive around on our south coast you will see and feel : Our South Coast Tourism is dead !!

Many hotels are closed, restaurants empty, curio shops without clients and ( most significant ) you always get a parking place at Nakumatt Diani. Meanwhile thousands of hotel workers have lost their jobs and heading into a hopeless future together with their families and relatives.

Tourism Death 3
It´s not only the rain season – by far not. The tourist bookings for the time as of July are shocking low and no sign of hope anywhere. It’s not a joke – we have to face it – our Kwale County has lost its most important source of employment. All efforts of our Governor and his team to compensate this downfall with agriculture projects and/or new industrialization will not compensate the many thousand jobs lost.

The question is : What to do now ?

There is an old worldly wisdom saying: “ When you have struggled, accept it as a signal that your plans are wrong, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.” That should be our direction. Accepting that our Kwale Tourism strategy and set-up is wrong. Accepting that our Kwale Tourism Goals are wrong. Accepting that our Kwale Tourism people in charge are wrong.

We have to push our Governor Salim Mvurya to act now !!!! Please clean the table – Fire your current team in charge – Start fresh !!!

But how ?

To answer this question we have to look first to our Kwale County Tourists . Who are they ? From which Country are they coming ? Which age ? What are they Looking for ? Believe it or not it is very easy. The official statistic figures are showing a clear picture. It’s clear that:

1) Over 80% of our Tourists are coming from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, France and UK.
2) Over 75% of our tourists are combining Beach Holidays with Safari experience
3) Over 65% of our tourists are between 25 and 55 in age ( the facebook generation )
4) Over 79% are staying 14 nights or longer

and most important

5) Over 60% of our tourists are Repeater – means they love our county, our hotels, our beach, our restaurant and our people !!!!!!

That’s our basis and it´s a great one. Thousands and Thousands of South Coast Loving Tourists are out there ready to come, enjoy their holiday and spend their money here in Kwale.

Only they are not coming these days – Why ?

The second fundamentals we have to listen to is “ Customer Satisfaction “ . What it means is that WE have to meet their expectations. WE have to make sure we preparing for them a super holiday. WE have to listen to them and need to understand what they want and what they don’t want. This is happening everywhere. Safaricom does it, Nakumatt does it, Toyota does it, BMW does it, Microsoft does it and Apple does it. Every professional customer oriented company does it.

Only our County Government is NOT doing it !!

Listening to customer needs has nothing to do with losing our cultural and Kenyan identity. We don´t need to become like Tourists. But if we want them to feel good and come to Kwale again and again – WE have to be ready to make sometimes adaptations.

Our County Tourism set-up is not “Customer Orientated” – they don’t understand what are the necessary home works we have to do to. They should put themselves in the shoes of our clients. In the shoes of our Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, France and UK tourists. All plans and programs should be customer driven. Unfortunately they are not – or – they are not executed.

We have a clear vision on how to move forward which needs the will to change what we have and the courage to go what is needed. Here are our 4 most important ideas:

1) We need a new Tourism Minister who can flagship our Kwale Tourism Community
The position should be driven by a minister who understands foreign tourists needs and interests on one hands and the conference tourism on the other hand. We need a dynamic flag bearer who burns for Kwale and the tourism business. A men or a woman who feels a t home in the Kenyan culture AND in the European cultures.

2) We need a new empowered Tourism Steering Committee
This should be stuffed with hotel and resort manager from the coast who can provide Tourist needs. Also in there should be Tour-Operators to streamline our Safari offering. We need also environmental specialists, Kwale small business representatives, tourist police, workers Union and and and….. We have to bring the industry together !!!!

3) We need a Kwale Tourist Service Center in Diani Beach
This is where the Minister should have his office together with the tourist police – right in the center of our Tourists. A 24/7 office with gentle service employees who could inform and help our clients ( Tourists ). It could also be the Steering Committee meeting point.

4) We have to create a Kwale Tourism “ Good News “ Marketing Center
In our discussions with the European KTB ( Kenya Tourism Board ) Companies we have noticed that there is a big chance for good news to be published. For that we need a team of journalists who create content – good articles and good pictures. This team should be located locally – maybe also in the Kwale Tourist Service Center.

It’s time to wake up. At this moment where we are suffering most it is our chance to stand up and come back stronger than before. Let’s summon the death of our current South Coast Tourism for a moment – but then – let’s give birth to a new, young, dynamic, modern and fresh Tourism approach to show our clients from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, France and UK that we are still the best…..

….. otherwise we have to publish this !!!!

Tourism Death 1 optomized


The long journey from the NHIF official is over. With effectiveness from 1st of April 2015 the new NHIF rates have to be paid. Compared to the old rates – which dated from 1988 – the Kenyan medical cover now cost nearly 3 times more than before.

BUT – the revised scheme comes with a NEW outpatient service which could bring a lot to everybody.

Unfortunately – or should we say – like expected the rules and regulations are not yet set !!! NHIF was not able to provide till today a clear system how the new system will work for you and me as of next month. But the Health Rights Advocacy Forum (HERAF) put together what we know till now:

Contributors to the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) will be required to identify their preferred hospitals after new rates take effect in April.  This is according to the NHIF Manager In charge of Planning and Strategy, Chacha Marwa  who in a radio interview on Thursday said that the guidelines on how this would be done are to be released before May when members begin to benefit.

Msambweni District Hospital

Msambweni District Hospital

He added that the fund would expand the provider base for easier access and service provision. In his words, “Any inpatient case unless an emergency, will have go through a referral process, a sieving process that starts from the lowest facility to the tertiary facility so that we will be able to categorise, because that is where the issues are.” He said it was important for members to start seeking healthcare from the lowest level of service providers like health centres or outpatient clinics for sustainability of the fund. In explaining this, he noted that Kenya was one of the few countries where the health care system has broken down, resulting in people moving directly from the household to a tertiary level facility in case of illness. “Every country that has managed their health care system has it that you have to go through a filtering process. We are not going to encourage people to just walk from home and go to the highest level of care,” he said.

On the level of care, the Manager in charge added that the members will from May benefit from a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care after the scheme implements the new rates next month. “We do not believe in limits because limits tend to induce over utilisation where there is a tendency to maximise that limit, and especially towards the end of the year when somebody finds out they still have more. So you tend to have undue utilisation and that can be risk to sustainability of the scheme,” Marwa explained. Members and their declared dependants will benefit from all services ranging from consultation, laboratory testing, specialised treatment, X-rays, CT scan and drugs among others. The only exclusion would be cosmetic surgeries.

Marwa said  that outpatient services will be run through capitation where the health care service providers are paid a certain fixed amount for each individual covered and registered with that facility. Inpatient on the other hand will be through case management or fee-for-service, according to Marwa. “We can only limit the number of days that hospitalisation can occur, which is 180 days. For the rest we cannot put a limit. But where hospitalisation goes beyond 180 days, we deal case by case,” he said. The fund is however consulting to know whether to put a cap on services like dental and optical care.

In the case where an employee has another private insurance, the NHIF will not interfere with it. Where it is possible, the fund will invoke the principle of co-insurance, so that if a person takes insurance from two different companies, in the event that you need to use the cover, then NHIF as the party whom an individual took insurance from, have to look for ways to settle that bill.

Find here the offical letter that was handed to us yesterday – Thursday the 9th of April 2015:


Foto 2 optomized

Rates Table:

Foto 1 optomized


Onward Ronnie OsumbaNearly all of us will remember the last presidential election in 2013. Peter Kenneth was one of the candidates. Beside him was his running mate RONNIE OSUMBA.

Ronnie was by far the youngest running mate ever and he was the hope of change for the young generation of Kenyans.

Last year Ronnie has founded a new youth movement called: ONWARD

Eyes-on-Kwale has watched them for quite a while to see if they really could come up with potential ideas, programs and actions which could make a positive impact on our lives. We think it´s time now for all of us to have a look what they are doing and what they did achieve.

Onward PillarsThe ONWARD movement is a vital, flat and small organization based on the founder Ronnie Osumba, who grouped 5 young and powerful activists around him.

Within this team the team Coordinator Boniface Gor organizes the departments Recruitment, Advocacy, Communication, Programs. Interesting to know that Ronnie – from day 1 on – decided to avoid any kind of political sponsorship to be independent.

The ONWARD platform is self-financed but of cores, they need some donations and funds to enlarge their scope of activities.

We have asked Ronnie to describe his ONWARD movement for us – here is what wrote to all of us:

“ It is Nelson Mandela who said that sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. And similarly, Longfellow held that lives of all great men remind us, that we can make our lives sublime, and departing, leave behind us footprints in the sands of time.

Onward is a youthful social action platform for a generation that seeks to influence change and impact lives.

Centre to Onward’s conception was social empathy and the higher ideals of integrity and altruism. Our deepest aspiration is to influence a ‘forlorn’, apathetic and indifferent world into action –for the better. This way, we hope to redeem and restore humanity’s dignity and confidence in self, and oneness.

Onward operates around five pillars: Education, Healthcare, Urban Development, Peace & Security, and Youth & Vulnerable.

In Education, we champion for an affordable yet globally competitive system. This stems from the understanding that the measure of a society is in the quality of education that it offers its members. And while we advocate for formal education, we recognize the place of self education.

Onward 2 optomized

In Healthcare we envision an effective and affordable system. Adequately equipped facilities, both in terms of human resource and up-to-date equipment. We strive to sensitize communities on preventive measures that would go along way in shaping lifestyles and mortality rates.

In Urban Development, we have a special focus in ensuring that communities are educated on the importance of basic hygiene. This is to ensure that hygiene-related ailments are drastically reduced. We also press to ensure access to clean water in urban areas. Above all, we focus on ensuring the security of the structures within which residents reside.

On Peace & Security, we seek to achieve a secure environment around which community members can operate and progress without fear. We aspire for a well equipped and responsive security apparatus, and for genuine peace and reconciliation in areas affected by violence, past or present.

Lastly, in Youth & Vulnerable, we aspire for empowered young people who live out their full potential, and for a system that protects and adequately provides for it’s vulnerable. In achieving our goals we have, and always will employ advocacy –through policy papers, and direct involvement with communities.

Onward 5 optomized

As it stands we have multiple projects running across various universities through the Onward University Chapters. We also have engagements, most notably, the spontaneous settlements of Nairobi ( Kibera, Mathare etc) Since its inception Onward has, and continues to influence and shape the destinies of individuals and communities through its ‘high impact and sustainable projects’. It, however, doesn’t escape us that we require different partnerships and community good-will to realize our vision. It is in this vain that we constantly reach out to willing citizens, either as individuals or in group to join hands with us in this most noble course. It is our hope that we, sooner than later, will be able to get involved actively throughout this country and even beyond. We request all who see, as we see, the urgent need to inspire hope in a ‘ship-wrecked’ society to join hands with us in this journey.“

From our point of view the ONWARD project is on a very good way. It´s the right time to consider supporting them and join the movement. It could be a good for our Kwale County. You have to have a look: www.onward.co.ke …. or ….. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Onward/315988418593006?ref=ts&fref=t


Adam SheikhIf you are living and/or working here in Kwale County in the Tourism business you are more than wondering about the efforts our Kwale Government is investing in supporting or stimulating one of the most important industries in our County.

Within the 2 years budgets so far, the tourism sector got in total a budget of over 200 Mio Schilling for investments – only where have all this funds been spent ?

Statement after Statement – Speech after Speech – Interview after Interview – the Governor and his Minister of Tourism Adam Sheikh were re-phrasing the same song and the same projects.

Among others here are their Flagship Projects for Tourism:

1) Beautification of the Beach
2) Creation, Protection and Promoting of at least 3 Kaja Forests within our County
3) Transition of the current harassing Beach Boy behavior into a win-win situation for all parties.
4) Creating a public awareness campaign called: “ Go South – Destination Kwale “ to stimulate tourism
5) Streetlights and Beautification of the Diani Beach Road
6) Develop Maji Moto to boost tourism
7) Develop sports tourism as fast-track to boost arrival numbers
8) Extension work on the airstrip’s runway from the current 800 meters to 2 kilometers

It´s shocking that nearly nothing has been achieved yet. Even more shocking if we want to believe Adam Sheikh´s own words that more than 31.500 people of Kwale County are depending on the Toursim business.

So the key question will be: Is our Kwale Government not able to support the Foreign Tourism Industry … or … are they not willing ? It looks like the answer should be more than a YES or NO. Analyzing the work the Government did in the past 2 years we could come to following answers:

1) Our Government has definitely put Foreign Tourism on low priority.

They are investing and concentrating much more on Agriculture, Education, Health and Food Security. Nothing wrong with that – hands up – but Tourism – they are not in favor of.

2) Our Government Tourism stakeholders have not found their role & responsibilities in the Foreign Tourism Industry Arena.
The role of County Tourism Ministry should be clearly to succeed in infrastructure homework’s. Organize the beach and the beach boys. Make sure the main beach road is in good conditions, well maintained with some streetlights. Make sure the main Tourist areas are clean without piles of garbage. Organize security within the tourist centers, hotels and shopping areas.

3) Our County Tourism Minister is not able to handle all the south coast Tourism Players.

It is essential for all government officials that they know what is going on in their arena. Who are the players, who are the foreign tourist, what are their interests, when are the booking and where, different nationalities have different behaviors and and and. For that you organize normally regular meetings – inviting all related business stakeholders …. from Kenyan Safari operators to big English hotel manager – from German resort director to Dutch restaurant chef.

Talking to many Coast Tourism players – we can confirm that most of them are still in love with this county and believe in the future of Kwale tourism. On the other hand nobody really understands why our County Government is hiding away and not fulfilling their project promises. The business community is willing to talk and to take responsibility – only – Dear Mr. Governor the ball is in your corner.


The Diani Tourism and Business Connect Expo 2015 is a new exhibition that is planed to take place in Kaskazi Beach Hotel, Diani Beach, South Coast on 26-28 March 2015 starting from 8.30 am to 5 pm.

Toursim Expo 2015 3

The Objective of this Expo, organized by Diani Realtors Ltd, will be to offer exhibition opportunities to small, medium and large scale local companies and organization to show case their goods and services to a wider clientele expected to come from East Africa, Africa and the rest of the world.  The Diani Tourism and Business Connect Expo 2015, coming seven months after the first Destination Kwale Investment Forum, will provide the much needed continuous marketing and profiling of Kwale County.

The organizers want to have a direct impact on tourism for all stake holders. They have partnered with different hotels, companies and also counties.  Hotels which will exhibit include sofar the Kaskazi, Leopard and Leisure Lodge hotel.  Airlines who have commited to exibit are Jambo Jet and Ethiopian Airlines. Others supporters include KWS and Davis and Shirtliff.  Counties expected to exhibit include Kwale, Nakuru, Kilifi, Mombasa, Nandi, Laikipia and Nyandarua county.

Toursim Expo 2015 2

Diani Tourism and Business Connect Pre-Launch event that was held at The Leopard Beach Resort and Spa

As one of the event highlights the organizers are planing to bring all the 41 Miss Tourisms down for the event as well. The event will run from the 26th to the 28th of march at Kaskazi and will to be opened by our Governor Salim Mvurya.

For all who are interrested to join this Tradeshow and have a look for free – more Information or to register your participation please call 0724746343 or email dianibizconnect@gmail.com


As you can see – the flights are ready for online booking as of now. Departure time in Ukund is daily at 15:00. The flight from Naironi to Ukunda leaves also daily at 13:35.

Jambo Jet Diani Beach optomized

The airline’s management has been considering making a move to use a smaller aircraft for some time now to more comprehensively serve Kenya’s domestic destinations.

Sources from the tourism industry were upbeat when it became known that Lamu, Malindi and Ukunda would be served from the 28th of March onwards, in time for the Easter holiday season. Said a regular Nairobi based source:

‘That will help us beat those damned travel advisories because passengers destined for Diani can now fly to Ukunda directly from Nairobi, after they have cleared customs and immigration. In fact, passengers from even the region can now book their flight to Ukunda without using a taxi from JKIA to Wilson Airport. I hope that the Jambojet flights will be linked to Kenya Airways flights from say Entebbe or Kigali so that expats can get to their resorts without using the Likoni ferry. Last week it was again utter chaos when some ferries did not report for work. It is a bottleneck for us Kenyans and not a good welcome or goodbye for tourists when they are stuck at the ferry for hours’.

Other coast based stakeholders were equally swift to welcome the new services and Lamu and Malindi, which have suffered from lack of enough accessibility by air in the past, will no doubt benefit.

At the same time has a source close to Kenya Airways also confirmed that the Q400 will also be deployed on the routes from Nairobi to Eldoret and Kisumu, where frequent complaints about flight delays in the past raised the attention of the Kenyan national assembly two weeks ago.

Willem Hondius, Jambojet’s CEO, went on record earlier today when he said: ‘We have chartered this aircraft to complement our current fleet of three Boeing 737 planes which are serving the existing routes. However, the Q400 will also be utilized on Kisumu and Eldoret in order to improve services on these two routes. Lamu and Malindi are leading tourism destinations, globally acclaimed for their pristine beaches and unique cultural sites. Ukunda, also known as Diani, has an airstrip serving Kenya’s busy south coast tourism circuit. By flying to these destinations, Jambojet will be hoping to tap the anticipated increase in traffic especially to Lamu where the government plans to construct a $5 billion port’.

Please use the Share Buttom to let your friends know about this new route to South Coast !!!!