Are MCA´s the Liberators or Wreckers of Devolution ?


MCAs, the new kids on the block in county politics are enjoying unrivaled supremacy. They have dramatically attracted national attention as the whips with which to bludgeon the governors. This is evident in Embu where the Governor, Martin Wambora has survived two scathing attempts of dislodgement. They have also caused displeasure to Kericho Governor and are reportedly training their guns in other counties.

Kwale MCAIn an orchestrated move, they have seduced the senate which was hitherto seen to be dormant to go to work-through ad hoc committees, ostensibly to protect devolution. But questions are already being asked whether the MCAs actions against the governors are meant to safeguard devolution or undermine it.

A very ugly theory seems to be gaining currency. That in the county assemblies, nearly all over the country, reside masters and mistresses of blackmail. That they’ve developed an habit of pushing for personal agendas to the county executive which if not handled in their favour, they pick fights with the governors. And given the powers they derive from the constitution and the county governments act, the governors have no option but to dance to their (MCAs) tunes. Whether these allegations are true or not is not for me to judge; but that’s what pundits are saying.

But should this be the case, then I see MCAs getting into more peril than the governors. In fact, it’s loudly whispered that the governors have gone back to the drawing boards to develop strategies of countering the rogue county assembly members. A strategist who is privy to the plans of the governors informed Upfront Tales that “if the plan being worked out by the county executives materializes, the governors will enjoy the longest laughter ever.”

“The recall clause is only a few months away to be operational. A good number of voters seem to be sympathetic with the governors in this war between them and the assemblies; the governors are likely to influence successful recalls of MCAs in their country if they too start playing hard ball,” says my informant who goes further to explain that some elected MCAs receive less than 3000 votes to be in the assembly.

“If the governors decide to play rough and facilitate the recall clause by say, buyin the requisite 30% of the voters (governors have powerful financial muscles) to append their signatures to recall their representative, this can spoil the party for the rogue MCAs bad style,” asserts the strategist who says this is just a plan F in the governors strategies most of which are just legal and legitimate.

Other observers however think that the MCAs are exercising their constitutional mandate and that they should be left alone to do so; only that they should ensure that they inform the public on their plans as the latter also has an important stake in governance.

The debate is not likely to end too soon and this might just be an opportunity for social media users to give their take.