20.000 Facebook Fans after 12 Month


We say – Thank YOU !!!

In the last week we have passed the magic number of 20.000 Facebook Fans, who follow us in our adventure to deliver Kwale County News, that are a bit different to the established mean stream media.

20000 Facebook Likes Eyes on Kwale

First of all – we love our Kwale County – one of the most beautiful places to live. We want to see our County growing in a fair and environmental friendly way. We don´t believe that tribalism brings anything to the community. We want to see that everybody, who is elected or appointed to serve our County People will try to do the best regardless of ethnic membership.

From us YOU can expect to look behind the curtains. If we find achievements we will tell it – if we find corruption or mismanagement we will write it. We are and we will be independent. We have no financial interest and we are all working free of charge.

It´s our strong believe in independent and investigative journalism that drives us every day. The fact that we crossed the 20000 Facebook Follower mark this week gives us confidence that more and more Kenyans have the same point of view.

Thanks again for your trust in us – we will not disappoint you all.

Best regards
The entire Eyes on Kwale Team