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Only 11% spent for County Development

Only 11% spent for County Development

From January till March 2014 our Kwale County Government spent a total of Kshs. 1.2 billion – of which only 11% ( 142 mio ) were spent for development projects. Take your time and recap this figure slowly – ONLY 11% for development – that is a absolutly too low.

Befor we go into the details of spending – have a look at this chart which shows the differences of spending between Machakos County and Kwale County. Machakos spend over 40% of its budget in Development !!!!

Kwale County Budget Review - vs - Machakos Beudget Review
Analysis of Kwale´s recurrent expenditure reveals that the County spent Kshs. 484 million on personnel emoluments which translates to 44 per cent of the total recurrent expenditure while Kshs. 604 million was spent on operations and maintenance, accounting for 55 per cent of the total recurrent expenditure. The personnel emoluments include Kshs. 289.7 million that was reimbursed to the National Government for salaries paid to staff performing devolved functions.

Only 142 million were spend in some development projects that the County implemented during January till March 2014 –  included; a food security program of Kshs.122.3 million, Kshs.7.4 for purchase of medical supplies, and Kshs. 8 million for land resource mapping.

Analysis of operations and maintenance expenditure for the County reveals that Kshs. 98.3 million (17.3%) was spent on domestic & foreign travels, Kshs. 36.7 million (6.5%) on office furniture & general equipment, Kshs. 31.8 million (5.6%) fuel and oil and lubricants, Kshs. 28.9 million (5.1%) on purchase of motor vehicles, Kshs. 24.3 million (4.3%) routine maintenance of assets. Other operations and maintenance expenses included; Kshs. 21.8 million (3.8%) spent on printing, advertising & information supplies, Kshs. 11.8 million (2.1%) on conferences and hospitality, Kshs. 9.5 million (1.7%) on utilities supplies and services, Kshs. 9.3 million (1.6%) on communication supplies and services and Kshs. 5.3 million (0.9%) on training.

The County spent Kshs. 35.2 million for payment of sitting allowances for the 33 MCAs against a budget of Kshs. 40 million – an average of Kshs. 118,506 per MCA per month. In Machakos its only Kshs. 67,657 per MCA per month.


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