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Kwale County is known as the famous tourist area of Kenya with its beautiful beach. Diani Beach as THE magnet for tourism business in Kwale County and is the centre and starting point of many activities. But Kwale is much more. Beside Tourism, there are real Kenyans living here. With problems, with challenges and with fun.

The Kwale County Governor has changed the industrial and tourism landscape in the last years to match local qualifications and needs of Kwalenians. We show News and Developments on different important topics. Education, Health, Security and Tourism are a few of our Highlights.

We also want to show you the best shopping facilities in our County. We will make sure that you will not get any scam or rip-off links from us. You will see that are coming up with hotel and restaurant tests. All are tested by us and will come without any financial sponsorship.

Each of our Team Member is living here in Kwale County. We are reporting to you what we personally see and feel. Forget about second-hand news and articles. Take the real stuff – read Eyes on Kwale County!

We hope YOU like or news and articles. If so please share them on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram and let entire Kenya see how beautiful our County is. If you have interesting news and think we should have a look at it – send us a mail. We are here to report for you. Don’t feel shy. Let’s make this County Journal the best of Kenya.

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